the days are still blurring together a bit. i did manage to jury rig a mobile for @babyparasite for when he’s sleeping in the front room. i did have a sleepless night, however — @babyparasite didn’t want to sleep unless he was slung over my shoulder. for four hours, over my shoulder, while i tinkered with my laptop, in the middle of the night.

another trip to the pediatrician for @babyparasite. all in all, things are going well - just tiring. again, spent most of the day either napping or helping with feeding. our night doula’s first night was tonight. generally, I got as much sleep as if @babyparasite didn’t fuss - that’s probably because I’m needed for feelings and the like still. lady friend and I are optimistic.

I’m trying to get as much rest during the day so I can be more awake at night to help with @babyparasite. to that end, we’ve set up an assembly line with Kai, lady friend, the grandparents and I. once feeding has finished, he goes through a series of handoffs which ends with him sleeping and lady friend and I passed out. night gets a bit more complicated - I found myself awake, cradling him, and watching The Bachelorette, for instance. and napping on the couch.

today was the first day without my parents in town helping out with @babyparasite - but, lady friend’s parents have tagged teamed in instead. i do miss my parents, though. the days are all running together a bit, and I even forgot which day of the week it is. but, I did manage a brief trip out to SubRosa in the morning and @babyparasite got some FaceTime with @juniperx and @carverjay. aside from that, it’s been: wake up, feed, change diaper, soothe, then sleep for two hours, and repeat. it’s a bit harsh, but, then @babyparasite (involuntarily) smiles.

wow. its been a while since i’ve posted. life has been both really hectic, and, at the same time, really monotonous.

the past few days, and having @babyparasite home, have gone by really fast. his lola and medz baba (my mom and dad) have been in town and have been invaluable in helping us as we get through the repeated feedings every three hours. this is even testing my ability to not sleep very much. three hours. literally. wake up in the middle of the night - feed, change, soothe, then sleep. wake up again three hours later and repeat.

we haven’t left the house much, or have done anything interesting. in fact, i’m stealing a few minutes right now, from my sleep, to write this while i wait for lady friend to awake so that we can do yet another feeding.

this afternoon, @babyparasite’s other grand parents get into town, and lola and medz baba unfortunately leave really early sunday morning. i’ve gotten used to having them around, and am going to miss that a bit.

we’re all adjusting to what life at home is like now that there are three of us. it’s without a doubt who is the boss here, so, lady friend and I are trying to adjust to his schedule. I’ve discovered some pretty bad packet loss in our network connect at home, so I scheduled somebody to look at that. I found some time to develop some photos I took at the hospital. I ordered a 430ex II flash to tinker with. and I finally also made a run to whole foods to grab us enough food to tide is over until the grandparents (and a great grandparent!) shows up on Tuesday.

birth certificate, done. child class, done. learn to put son friend into baby carrier, done. i made a quick run to SubRosa and stopped by home to make sure everything was in order before we brought @babyparasite home. but, the time came. he strapped into a baby seat in the back, i played "Home", and that’s where we drove to.

we, the family, spent all of today in the hospital. the nice thing is that Alta Bates is right down the street from Whole Foods so I can quickly make a run to get stuff when none of us are impressed with hospital food. a pretty uneventful day of napping, feeding, diaper changing, and repeating. hopefully we can go home tomorrow.

Kai Brunskill-Krikorian (née @babyparasite) — May 16, 2013. Mom & baby are doing well. Dad is excited/terrified.

son friend obliged his dad, and allowed lady friend and me to see Star Trek on Wednesday night. come Thursday morning, excitement started. we went to the hospital in the morning, and out came Kai that evening.

day -1 from @babyparasite’s due date. we were supposed to have exec photos taken at @twitter, but there was a minor snafu - have to get them done another time. and I prepped myself and everything. pretty standard Monday, except for the thoughts of “this is probably the hast Monday for a month or so”. I left the office at 5pm on the dot as I wanted to see lady friend. she convinced me to go for a swim (the first time I’ve been at temescal pool in the evening!), then Zachary’s pizza for dinner. I tinkered with GnuRadio for a bit before we caught the “how I met your mother” season finale. then bed.